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The appraisal value of a home is very important. Not only is its used in for determining property taxes and overall value, but it is also vital for buying, selling, and refinancing. For example, if a borrower wants a loan on a home, that home as to appraise at a value that is high enough to justify the amount the borrower is asking the bank to loan them. The same is true for refinancing. If the home is “underwater,” meaning more is owed on it than it is considered to be worth, it will be very hard to sell or refinance that home.

Boosting the appraisal value of a home is one of the ways a seller can get the home sold, or a current homeowner can get their house refinanced. But how can an appraisal value be raised? There are some quick and relatively easy ways to see an appraisal value rise. Here are a few of them to consider, whether your goal is to sell your home or to refinance to a better loan program

  1. Use a local appraiser. An appraiser who is not familiar with the area is not going to be as accurate when it comes to the true value of the home. Ask the lender for a local appraiser, and be ready with plenty of neighborhood information if it is not possible to get an appraiser who lives and works in the immediate area. The more the appraiser knows about the house, neighborhood, and town, the better.
  2. Document repairs and improvements. An appraiser might not know that the electrical has been upgraded or the kitchen has been completely remodeled since the last time the house was appraised. Have that information ready. Be sure that everything major that has been done to the house has been documented, and was done correctly by professionals. The appraiser needs to see the cost and quality of the upgrades to determine value.
  3. Focus on the upstairs. Finishing out the basement adds value, but not nearly as much as what was done above-grade. If work is going to be done on the house before the appraiser comes through, with the idea of boosting the appraisal value, be sure to focus that work upstairs. An attic bedroom, for example, will bring a higher appraisal value than a bedroom in the basement.
  4. Supply information on comparable houses. Avoid complete reliance on the appraiser when it comes to “comps.” By supplying these to the appraiser, they will have a better idea of what is really selling in the area and how much people are paying for it. Use comparable houses that are as close to the house that is being appraised as possible, to get maximum benefit from this.
  5. Keep it clean. Cleaning up the house and yard may not seem like much, but it will provide a more favorable impression. It gives the appearance that the house is in good shape and has been well cared for, which can mean a higher appraisal value.

By following these tips, and also knowing what adds value when renovations are being done, sellers and refinances are more likely to get an appraisal that is fair. Then sellers can find buyers for a fair price, and borrowers who are interested in refinancing can get the right loan to improve their financial situation.

The BEST way to get an accurate representation of the value of your home is to have a local agent do a free and comprehensive market report for you.

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