Don’t think, Just Do!

I recently had a conversation with someone close to me, whereby, we were discussing work related options and opportunities. As I listened intently to what was being said to me, I noticed that a considerable amount of thought was placed into each option. Thinking about the positives which were relatively equal across the board but there were various negatives that would arise periodically as more and more thought was given to each one.

Three days passed, and I followed up on that conversation to see what the outcome was. There was no outcome as nothing had been done. It became clear to me that too much thought was being placed on this decision causing nothing to be accomplished.

I remembered something I had learned in marketing. The reason for a particular retail food store’s recent success (We will call them the ABC Food Market) is that they only offer you 2 choices of any single product. (Sometimes 1 single choice) Unlike the big-name supermarkets that have 10 different brands of the same type of bread for example, and overall, they sell less bread than the ABC Food Market. Why? Because ABC Food Market makes it simple for the consumer to make a choice. It’s either A or B instead of A through Z. The latter takes a lot of effort for the shopper because they don’t want to make wrong the choice, so they get aggravated, and sometimes buy nothing and say to themselves I’ll get back to the bread later.

As our second conversation went on and I heard all about the positives and negatives again until I interrupted and said, “Stop thinking” I saw a confused look staring back at me and then I said, “Too much thinking and not enough doing.” “Don’t think, just do!” “If I thought that long and hard about anything, I would get nothing done,” I said. Make a choice, be proud of that choice, move forward, accept what comes of it, and never regret or look back.

It was as if I lifted a huge weight off his shoulders. The next day the decision was made, executed, and fulfilled. A saw huge feeling of accomplishment at this moment that was well deserved. “I didn’t think about it, I just went ahead and did it” “Don’t think just do! I took your exact advice.”

Human beings sometimes think themselves into a state of being “frozen like” and find they can’t decide because of all the possible outcomes and the continuous contemplation of all the possible consequences.

The next time you find yourself here just remember, “Don’t think, Just Do!”

And by the way the decision that was made turned out to be a great one for him.

About the Author: Raymond Ciampaglia is Vice President of Coccia Realty and the Managing Broker of the Better Homes and Gardens Coccia Realty branch in Rutherford, NJ. He offers 20+ years of experience in sales, management, and marketing to his clients, customers and fellow agents.

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